Can Chihuahua That Bred With a Pitbull Survive a Pregnancy? Read Describition Below for More Information?

My friend has 2 dogs, a boy pitbull and a girl chihuahua, and well the pitbull basically raped the chihuahua and my friend thinks the chihuahua is pregnant and is scared because thinks the chihuahua won’t survive the pregnancy. Can the chihuahua survive or does she need to get the chihuahua an abortion?

Nope. The chihuahua will die. Should have thought about that before she had two intact dogs in the house. She needs to go to the vet, get them both spayed and neutered today.

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  • ♥JD♥

    I’m suprised she even survived the mating process!
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  • Sadie ☺Dogs Aren’t Teacups☺

    The chihuahua should get an emergency spay no matter what.

    What was your friend thinking? Chances are the pups and the mother will die.
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  • Twiggy

    The pups will be too big. The mother will die if nothing is done.
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    Volunteer at local animal services/Owner of 3 dogs and 4 cats

  • Aduial

    Nope. The chihuahua will die. Should have thought about that before she had two intact dogs in the house. She needs to go to the vet, get them both spayed and neutered today.
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  • yvang619

    she’ll need to take the chihuahua in because the chihuahua is probably suffering from internal bleeding from the rape that your friend doesn’t know of..
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  • Eva

    oh poor little thing, might want to ask a vet
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  • Love my Meyer

    That is just horrible, if the litter isn’t aborted the dog will die. The puppies will get 2 big for the mother to carry.
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  • BYBs kill dogs and puppies

    the Chihuahua needs spaying any way and its not abortion that is a human terminology
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    Your friend needs to get both dogs fixed NOW.
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  • kathy h

    the dog would need a c section, to have the pups, the puppys will be to big! tell your freaind to get her fixed and yes you can abort the pups,
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  • Glenn

    Liar. That mating would be as impossible as a male Chihuahua on a fem pitbull.
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  • step

    the link in the sources thing should answer in your question
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  • CatWings: Fly free little kitty

    The dog will die you need to get the chihuahua spayed and abort the babies
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  • Cassie-danes mastiffs & bullies

    no, the chihuahua will NOT survive. the pups need to be aborted ASAP and the pit bull neutered
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  • Qatie

    It’s probably safest and cheapest to get the spay done now. She may be able to carry the litter to term (usually the mother’s body can limit the size of the fetuses fairly well) but she will almost certainly need a C-section to deliver safely. She will also be at a much higher risk of life-threatening conditions such as pregnancy toxemia during her pregnancy.

    I’m sure she CAN survive, and the pups aren’t likely to get so big they burst through her belly like in the movie Alien, but it would still be very risky for her and your friend could end up spending hundreds or thousands in vet bills if she had a problem. In fact, if your friend wants to let this pregnancy go to term, she needs to plan on $1000 for a C-section. Chihuahuas frequently need C-sections, even when they are bred with other Chihuahuas, so a C-section is almost a certainty with a larger sire.
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  • Rescue Dogs

    The chihuahua wouldn’t survive. I’m surprised she is even living after the mating process. Your friend is extremly irresonsible and that chi needs to see a vet asap.
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  • Bellαs Cнi Pwиs.

    Why didn’t she get her dogs fixed BEFORE?
    No, the chihuahua will not survive. The chihuahua needs an emergency spay, and the pitbull needs to be neutered.
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  • Jordan S. adopt & save a life!

    many toy dogs need c-sections even when bred with a dog their breed or size so I doubt she will survive it.
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  • Jasmer

    I’m not even sure if this is a serious question or not.

    The chihuahua will die. There is no "maybe" involved, she will die. You’re talking about a 35-55 lb male dog mating with a 7 lb dog. Emergency spay or she will die before the pregnancy is even halfway over.
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  • Clumsical of the !MC! Squad

    a) how did she even survive mating? an
    b) my friend’s dog almost died while pregnant with a westie’s pups and she’s a yorkie. Yorkies aren’t THAT much smaller than westies. A chihuahua is smaller than a yorkie, and a pit bull is about 10 times bigger than a westie.
    c) each puppy, while still developing, will be about the size of the mother. Since the father was a larger dog, there will probably be more than one or two puppies.
    do you think that she’d survive giving birth?
    don’t think so
    tell your friend to have her dog spayed
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    personal experience

  • Rayven ~ Life’s a B

    1. Animals don’t rape.
    2. Your friend was an idiot for allowing this to happen
    3. Your friend needs to call the vet first thing tomorrow and book her chihuahua for an immediate spay. Could she survive it? MAYBE, but I wouldn’t take the risk
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  • RV

    I do not think the chihuahua will survive. The pups will be too big.
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  • Elizabeth L

    The chihuahua needs to be spayed immediately. Can your friend afford the operation? Perhaps they should surrender the chihuahua if they can’t afford it, for the sake of the dog’s life. A rescue society could tend to the chi’s vet needs.
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