Talking About the Well Being of Your Dog: Understanding Ear Troubles on Chihuahuas

Ear issues can be triggered by many factors like genes, surroundings and the type of owner. I will be discussing this issue with logic and humor. The fact is that we could not control health problems so if your dog is suffering from any problem like ear problem, go to the veterinarian. Dog ear is totally unique from that of a human so the support of a vet is needed. However, for those who will do the medication at home, he will be using an ear swab but the chance of damaging the Chihuahua’s ear is definitely high.

Though I have quite a few years of Chihuahua teaching and care under my belt, I’m not a vet, and wouldn’t want angry emails from readers if things don’t go well. Though I can be humorous at times, I’m dead serious when it comes to pet health problems. On the flip side though, being familiar with Chihuahua ear issues is totally different from that of looking for a solution to it. In fact, it can be helpful to you. Especially in trying to justify your vet’s expenses.

Well, anyway, let us now get straight to the point. Let us now go over some medical problems that can be experienced by your Chihuahua.

Medical Issues Experienced by Almost all Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Ear Scabs – Does your Chihuahua appear like it’s starting to turn into one of those zombie canines in I am Legend? It probably would look like one if you don’t take action.

These scabs resulted from fungus on the edge of your Chihuahua’s ears. Early indicator of this is losing hair on the edge of your dog’s ears.

Later on, it will turn into a crusty, thin scab, pealing in layers all over the ears. If left uncontrolled, this can escalate and make your Chihuahua look like it recovered from a horrible accident that involved flames. This is the most typical of all Chihuahua ear problems.

Ear Infections – this is the consequence of the too much wax produced by the air to battle irritation. Excessive wax production is generated by ear mites, skin allergy, growth of hair in the inner portion of the ear canal and some foreign bodies. Ear wax can be a good place for harmful bacteria to reside because it is moist. This problem can be very dangerous to the health of your dog if left unattended.

Eye Problems – Cherry eye is one of the most typical eye problems. It can be characterized by red mass that looks on the corner of the eye, and this can only be prevented by surgery regardless of the cause.

In future articles concerning pet health, we will talk more about Chihuahua ear troubles, Chihuahua ear infections, and Chihuahua eye problems. For now, I hope this content helped.

Chihuahuas are very cute and lovely dogs, however, it cannot be avoided that there will be some Chihuahua problems that will always be encountered by the owner. If you are an owner, expect that you will be encountering some Chihuahua ear problems.

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